Pacific Bears Community Garden is located on the corner of Pacific St and Flatbush Ave.
To contact us: please see the contact info on the “Get Involved” page.

Tending summer crops at Pacific

During the gardening season, the Pacific Street Bears Community Garden has open hours on Tuesdays 6pm-8pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 12pm-4pm, volunteers and weather permitting. Usually the gates are open far more often!

Our pond with waterfall

There is a monthly business meeting/workday held  on the second Sunday of every month at noon, in the garden, weather permitting.

The Original Brooklyn Bear!

Founded in 1985, The Pacific Street Brooklyn Bear’s Community Garden was named after a teddy bear gardeners found in the weeds at an early workday. At a time when the City had all but abandoned this corner of Brooklyn, neighbors took matters into their own hands with a beautification project that has endured for over 25 years.

By 1988, recognizing the possibility of a development project on the site, the Bears began organizing to make the garden a permanent part of Flatbush Avenue. By 1990, an agreement was in place to include the garden in any planned development. In order that the group not disband during construction, the City offered a property on Carlton Avenue between Gates and Greene. A recession ended that original development plan, but the group continued working at the new Carlton Avenue Brooklyn Bear’s Community Garden!

When another group gardening on Flatbush and Lafayette since 1980 moved away, the City contacted the Bears to see if they’d care for that site too. Not wanting to see a green space go to waste, the group agreed and in 1991, the Rockwell Place Brooklyn Bear’s Community Garden was (re)born. That made them the Three Bear’s Gardens!

In 1997 a new development project began, and the original Pacific Street garden was plowed to make way for the Mall buildings you see next door. After incredible community support, the Bear’s fought back and recreated the garden on a portion of the original site. Since 1999, the group has been tending the garden you see before you.

With strong support from the community, the Borough President’s office, and City and State officials, all three Bear’s Gardens are now a permanent part of their communities — Carlton and Rockwell under the NYC Parks Department and Pacific Street as part of the Brooklyn Alliance of Neighborhood Gardens (BANG) Land Trust. All 3 gardens are tended by volunteers, and everyone is welcome to join.

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6 thoughts on “PACIFIC STREET

  1. These Brooklyn Bears Community Gardens must remain intact, there in their location forever and for always! Because they bring out the best of city life and gardening and horticutlure !

  2. Passed by on my way to the Memorial Day Festival would love to be involved in this garden. l looks really nice. You can contact me via email. Thank you.

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  4. Hello,
    We are a family that just moved in 572 Pacific, and have a 2 year old toddler (Francisco), we have been living in Brooklyn for 1 years, and we are from Portugal.
    We would love to become members of the Community, and specially to became activelly envolved in the Pacific garden, since we live very close by.

    If I understand weel, you will have a meeting on Tuesday, August 2nd. Is it appropriate for us to come? What are the procedures to become a member?

    Thbnakin in advance
    Rui, Gabriela and Francisco

  5. Hi John it was nice to chat with you briefly this past Friday, I am the women who lives across the street in 598 Pacific. I would still love to share the plot with the other member (I think his name was daniel) if that is OK. I am coming by open hours today to see about a key and what I can do to help
    Leah Friedman

  6. Hey John!

    Hope all’s well.

    Just a request to have you place a link to our blog from yours. It will be greatly appreciated and, of course, we will gladly recipricate.


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