Diversify Your Crops

This season the garden gets just a little bit more diverse.

photo 1 (1)

Sesame Leaves

Yes, we care about diversifying what plants grow at the Bear’s garden, but the trend has been to grow the familiar.  Every season you will see the same crops growing in our plots because it makes sense to grow the stuff you like––cukes, kale, tomatoes, collards, peppers, did I mention tomatoes?

But this growing season I made a plan to see if some Korean crops could thrive on Flatbush Avenue.  I got some seeds from a Kitazawa seed company and started them at home over the winter months.

sesame leaves

Beautiful bounty

And what do you know?  They really have taken to Flatbush Avenue! You may know these as perilla, but I just call them sesame leaves.  You can eat them raw or pickled.


Chrysanthemum’s the word

Chrysanthemums are cultivated for their leaves, but their blooms can be dried for tea.


Korean zucchini 

I didn’t know zucchini could be Korean, but now that I come to think of it, the zukes you get in Korea have smaller seeds and a slightly denser flesh.  I can’t wait to compare them to the ones I get from the farmer’s market.

We are the (vegetable) world.

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