BANG of a Tour!

What happens when a group of Brooklyn gardeners gather for a Brooklyn gardens tour?!

It's a gardener thing, you WOULD understand!

It’s a gardening thing, you WOULD understand!


Oh, the usual mayhem.

And lots of learning about the individual functioning of each community garden.  I won this Jon Crow-led tour from the silent auction at BANG’s  October fundraising event.

Our tour took us to:

(Check out all these links)

Greenspace@President Street

Pacific Street Brooklyn Bears

Carlton Brooklyn Bears

Rockwell Brooklyn Bears

Warren St. Marks

Gil Hodges (NYRP)

Prospect Heights Community Farm



Jon commands our attention

Jon commands our attention


We started out at GreenSpace@President where, Jon explained, George Washington had once slept in the garden, and if we were to dig deep into the soil we would also find some bear scat.   This will all go into our Wikipedia page.

Sharing a bounty of biscuits & scones

Sharing a bounty of biscuits & scones


GreenSpace is collecting pumpkins to go into the compost rather than the trash.   Yay compost!

Pumpkin cemetary @GreenSpace

Pumpkin cemetary @GreenSpace


At Gil Hodges, a New York Restoration Project (NYRP) garden–neither BANG nor Bear, but still worth a visit–we admired their water storage system and butterfly bush seeds, which we collected and will propagate forthwith.

Collecting butterfly bush seeds

Collecting butterfly bush seeds


We made note of the chickens at Warren St. Marks and talked to a member who was on shift about how the chickies love to dig in and up the compost.

Chickens @Warren St. Marks garden

Chickens @Warren St. Marks garden


We met Reba who was nice enough to let us admire and pet her a little.

Sweet Reba chicken

Sweet Reba chicken


The great thing about this chance to visit all these neighborhood gardens in one afternoon was to notice all their own way of doing things and keeping their gardens up and running–from chickens, to a pumpkin drop off, and highly functional cold frames at the Pharm, we learned so much.


Admiring the Pharm's coldframes

Admiring the Pharm’s coldframes


Oh, and there were a few pit stops along the way.  You know, bevies and snacks.

Leading the flock

Leading the flock


Thanks to Jon Crow for fashioning such a fun and informative experience for us!

Promise we’ll do it again!



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