In October…

In mid-October, the Bears started their seed saving project.


In November, get your seeds

In November, get your seeds


Our focus is to harvest and save the seeds of crops that we deem worthy of future propigation.


That means keeping the seeds of the plants that yielded good results.  We don’t want to perpetuate diseased and struggling plants, so making good choices is important (and that can be said across the board).


Not a dead head

Not a dead head


The chives of 2014 were hardy and free-flowing.  They had the good fortune of growing in my community garden where the soil is rich and the elements are pretty mild.  Though I must mention that I grew these chives more than three years ago on my deck and at first glance, they appeared to be forever ‘dormant’, but they perked up this year so I moved them into bigger real estate which did the trick.






So I know the seeds of this plant are worth saving.   And to harvest them, wait until the chive flower has dried out to the point where you see the black seeds in each chamber.  Shake the seeds out into a bag and store in a cool, dark place until you’re ready to use them.


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