Project Seed Saver

Fall is a good time to collect and keep those seeds that you want to grow next season.


Seed saving is fun!

Seed saving is fun!


This year the Bear’s garden will embark on our first official seed saving project.

The idea is to spearhead the effort at the Bears garden and then bring in our sister Bears––Carlton & Rockwell––and BANG gardens to join the effort.

It's a seed would understand!

It’s a seed thing…you would understand!


Seed saving has been vital for humankind’s continued existence and has been traced back to 6750BC Iraq.  The idea that you can keep growing your food supply from seeds that you saved from the previous season must have been an epiphany for our earliest ancestors.   This DIY spirit exemplifies our modern existence: oh let me count the ways we know how to fend for ourselves!


Marigolds can be lemon!

Marigolds can be lemon!

There is a particular method for harvesting seed depending on plant type.

Flowers like Cosmos, Marigolds and Zinnias are easy to collect.  Wait for the blooms to dry up on their stems and then do the following for each flower:


Lemon marigolds have seeds too

Lemon marigolds have seeds too

For marigolds: pull off the dead and collect the wispy seeds inside each dried up capsule.



For zinnias, snip off the dead heads and collect the seeds by pulling off the dried up petals.  You’ll find a spade-like seed attached to the end.

Purple zinnia

Purple zinnia

Community gardens are a natural place to start as they already have experienced gardeners who’ve been saving seeds from their own crops alongside newbies who are eager to learn new skill sets.

Stay tuned as the Bears follow into the footsteps of all the seed-saving gardeners who’ve come before us.

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