The Poop Stops Here!

Let’s just say that NYC’s August’s Dog Days are not always due to the heat…


Clean it up!

Clean it up!

sometimes it’s on account of  the dog poop all over the sidewalks!


All over town people are trying to make it loud and clear that dog owners need to curb their dog.  But to no avail!  If only dogs could read!

Pick it up

Pick it up!

Even in tony Park Slope, I watched a dog owner let his dog take a crap on flowers!   No matter tree guards around tree pit or that someone had bothered to put in begonias, because what’s more important than getting that poop out of your dog?  And in perfect Park Slope fashion, he tried to practice his shrink-tease on me by saying he understood why I would be angry.    There I go bumping into the last shrink left in town in August!




Mostly it’s the people that are the problem as dogs go where their people lead them, so curb vs. tree pit is not usually up to them.  So it’s up to us gardeners to keep people from spreading s**t everywhere.

Your dog can't read, but you can

Your dog can’t read, but you can


Hey dogs, please keep your people away from plantings.


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