PS 38: Children of the Lettuce

At the end of June, Ms. Scharf’s class is ready to harvest the crop the planted back in April: radishes, green beans & lettuce.

In the beginning

April 28th:  In the beginning

In between their curriculum assignments, class trips, projects, and homework, Ms. Scharf’s class made time to come to the Bear’s garden, almost weekly, to tend their vegetable plot, observe and draw garden life their notebooks, and revel in nature.

One full plot

One full plot

PS 38’s plot bloomed to full life during the two months of our collaboration which allowed the children to observe the changes in the seeds they planted way back in April.

Iggy and the bean

Iggy and the bean

The children excitedly pulled out radishes, picked green beans and gathered lettuce to take back and share at school.

Children of the lettuce

Children of the lettuce

It was gratifying to see how excited and engaged Ms. Scharf’s class was in this gardening collaboration.  A collaboration that helped, a little, to show where our food comes from and how we can have a hand in growing it.

Summer's bounty

Summer’s bounty

And showed a lot how community gardens can grow our next generation of gardeners!

Generation Green

Generation Green


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