The Young Seeds: Gardens Must Grow the Next Generation

The children are our future…


The Young Seeds

for our community gardens.

When I joined the garden back in 1999, there were five members keeping the space green and open for the neighborhood.  It was a far lower number than the Bears’ original membership of 40 and counting.  But the razing of the garden by Ratner’s bulldozers disheartened many who could not bear to return to the garden, half its original size, once it was  wrested out of the developer’s hands by then Borough President Howard Golden.

Father and son

Father and son

Jon Crow, founding member and coordinator, is the first garden advocate I’d ever met back  in 1999, and the one who got me started gardening a the Bear’s.  Even back then his focus was bringing families into the garden, understanding that membership grows through the generations, and makes it a point to designate gardening plots for neighborhood families  to maintain and harvest every year.

The future is green

The future is green

The children who come into the garden develop a sense of ownership and purpose as they learn how to care for growing things…

Father and daughter

Father and daughter

and learn how take responsibility for the garden and keep it beautiful for all of us.

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