We Are Not Alone!


If you’re lucky enough to have walked around the Lower East Side, you know there’s a community garden that you can go into for a bit of respite from the concrete jungle.

Urban gardeners work long and hard to keep their community gardens thriving and green so it’s no wonder we don’t always remember that we are not alone!  There are kindred spirits out there getting their hands in that dirt.


This past spring when I was down in the Lower East Side, I was happy to come across community gardens going strong and each one with their own unique characteristics and features.  El Jardin del Paraiso has its own pond full of turtles sunbathing and a handsome rooster strutting his stuff.


And the very Le Petit Versailles Garden near the M9 bus stop which has just as much charm and romance as a garden three times its size.

You may not expect to find open green spaces in highly urban neighborhoods, but when you do don’t forget to  thank the community gardeners who made it their mission to maintain these edens for their community  and you!


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